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Best Ride Sharing Apps in Pokhara, Nepal

Aayo, a multipurpose app built in Pokhara, Nepal has started its operations in Pokhara with ride sharing feature.

The second-largest city in Nepal, Pokhara, serves as the center of tourism for this gorgeous mountainous nation. Coming from chaotic, dusty Kathmandu, you’ll adore Pokhara’s amazing views of the river and mountains from lakeside cafes, pleasant hikes, and laid-back atmosphere. Pokhara serves as a base for many visitors that travel to Nepal to do hiking.

Lakeside is the tourism hub, offering a wide variety of lodging options, restaurants serving anything from delicious dal baht to upscale coffee shops and excellent pizzerias, and agencies that offer every activity imaginable. Most visitors spend their time hopping from town to lakes to waterfall, moving around Pokhara to discover new landscapes, temples and activities.

But how do you get from A to B in Pokhara? If you plan to check out a few different areas during your stay, sussing out the transport situation will be high on your list of priorities. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to suit every type of budget and traveller.

What is Aayo ride sharing?

Aayo Ride Sharing in Pokhara

Aayo is an on-demand, multi-service tech platform providing access to a wide range of services including transport, payments, food delivery, logistics, and many more. We are building Aayo to reduce the transportation costs and to help people with vehicles offer on-demand rides using the idle time when they go from home to work, from work to market, from a meeting, from a function, and many more.

Currently, it has over 500 motorcycle drivers and 5,000 passengers registered on Aayo. The company provides an advanced GPS system for both rider and passenger through which the riders are able to communicate free of charge with their passengers about their location, estimated time of arrival and other safety measures.

Aayo is a platform that connects vehicle owners and passengers for ride-sharing. It maximizes the value of vehicles by providing easy access to people looking for a cheap ride, thereby bringing down costs significantly compared to a market like Nepal where people cannot afford private vehicles or taxis at all. Especially, the youth are suffering from numerous problems because of the lack of public transport.

With Aayo, we allow riders to easily choose the best means of transportation available on our platform, with the added bonus of saving money while they commute.

Aayo lets you book a taxi, motorbike, food delivery, groceries and gifts – all in one app. Try Aayo App today!

Download the App:

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